International recruitment arm GlobalSTL introduces health care innovator Odoro, founded in Israel, to SLUCare and new SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital to boost patient access and convenience 

As a direct result of BioSTL’s GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit, tech company Odoro, founded in Israel, has closed a deal with SLUCare Physicians Group to now enable patients to digitally check-in for appointments at more than 600 SLUCare providers, including for appointments at St. Louis’ newest hospital, SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. 


Odoro’s best-in-class, contactless, digital check-in process provides a fast and safe way for patients to keep socially distanced while completing their entire pre-visit process digitally, avoiding face-to-face interactions before seeing a doctor and cutting down on wait times and exposure to other patients. 


GlobalSTL, the international recruitment arm of BioSTL, first introduced Odoro to the St. Louis market and to SLUCare during the 2018 GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit. Together, the pair has been expanding digital access and for SLUCare patients, including telehealth visits. With no physical front desk, Odoro’s online platform becomes essential in streamlining the practice’s financial and compliance processes. 


“Odoro is playing a key role in changing the way patients access to care – from checking symptoms to finding doctors, and scheduling appointments from anywhere 24/7 via their phones, tablets, or computers – it’s what hospitals are calling the “digital front door” for patients to access care on their own terms,” said Vijay Chauhan, GlobalSTL Lead. “Odoro is the leader in omnichannel patient access and provider scheduling solutions, and St. Louis is among the first sites to go live with Odoro’s cutting-edge technology in a major hospital system.” 


“Odoro’s phase 1 project has been a success – enabling SLUCare patients the convenience of self-registering for their appointments from the comfort of their home, which is highly valued especially during Covid,” said Kevin Elledge, CEO, SLUCare Physician Group. “The higher-than-expected patient utilization rates have also helped us maintain social distance at check-in locations.” 


The new workflow is simple:  prior to an appointment, whether in the office or virtual, patients are reminded to register online. COVID-19 pre-screening, insurance data, payment processing, and consent forms are all completed digitally, ensuring a contactless experience. Data is updated automatically on SLUCare’s practice management system, minimizing documentation for staff. When arriving at the clinic, patients use onsite kiosks or their personal devices to check-in and complete any remaining requirements or payment. 

"We first met SLUCare at the GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summit, where we were invited to introduce Odoro to the local health community,” said Dikla Ranen, Co-founder and COO, Odoro. “The Summit was the best and most business-focused event we have ever attended. We were really impressed with the scale of health care organizations and their innovative energy in St. Louis and with the opportunities for us to develop in this vibrant region. The GlobalSTL team did a brilliant job matching us with the right health organizations and continued to support us as we established relationships with these leading health care providers."  


The successful SLUCare and Odoro partnership demonstrate the three-fold goal of GlobalSTL: (1) provide St. Louis companies access to cutting-edge technology to boost their competitive advantage; (2) secure prized U.S. customers and strategic partners for the international companies; and (3) leverage the first two wins to establish a U.S. presence of high growth international companies in St. Louis, thus enriching St. Louis’ ecosystem with new jobs, new talent and innovation, and new economic activity. 


This very deliberate approach has landed business deals for 24 new international companies in St. Louis. Since 2014, through the deals GlobalSTL has helped created, these international companies have generated $166 million in revenue and local investments, adding 219 new jobs to St. Louis. Forty-six of the 60 companies invited to present at the GlobalSTL Health Innovation Summits are pursuing or have secured business development opportunities with GlobalSTL partner health care organizations. 


The following international companies have done business in St. Louis: 


Israel: Atomation | Evogene | Genoox | Kaiima | MDClone | Medial EarlySign | NRGene | Odoro Taranis | Telesofia | Uniper | Vaica | XRHealth 

Ireland: Health Beacon | RelateCare | SilverCloud 

Argentina: AgIdea | Bioheuris | Unleash Immuno Oncolytics 

Brazil: Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira 

Germany: KWS 

Portugal: SWORD Health 

Sweden: Coala Life 

UK: Babylon Health 


Article and photo credit provided by BioSTL